Photomontage created by 7th grade student, Laura, during Enrichment activity.

7th Grade Art Enrichment Activities

Both 7th and 8th graders participate in enrichment activities throughout the school year. All 7th grade students rotate thru a Digital Photography/Adobe PhotoShop 3 week mini-course.  This has been a big success with the kids!  Working with Canon cameras, each student learns not only how to use the camera's features, but tips in taking photos with good compostion. During the next step of the course, students learn the tools of Adobe PhotoShop and how to apply their use when manipulating their photographs into a "photomontage."  The results are fun!  Students capture "Life in Junior High", showing friends, teachers and their school surroundings. 

8th graders proudly show their painted silk mandala designs.

8th Grade Art Enrichment Activities

The 8th grade enrichment rotation schedule is designed differently than the 7th grade schedule.  Students in 8th grade select from a "menu" of mini-course offerings which change every 3 weeks.  This allows students to choose activities of high interest and variety. Art enrichments have included sculpture, PhotoShop, silk painting, pen & ink drawing, ceramic tiles, to name a few!  Courses of high interest have been offered more than once. Presently, I am designing a new course, "Endangered Species", which will focus student learning on current issues in the news.  We will study endangered species worldwide and artist, Andy Warhol, who did a series of works on endangered animals.  This activity will give students an opportunity to connect disciplines across the curriculum.